Tumblr Dictionary for non-fangirls:

Fangirl/boy: Someone who dedicates their life to a band/singer/actor/model/famous person.

hasjdhskdrheruterogkl: I like this very much.

hnnng: Let’s have babies.

A+: I like this imensely.

WHAT IS AIR?!: I am laughing so much I have forgotten how to continue the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in my lungs.

Fuck you: Stop looking so hot, it is ruining my life.

I  just spit my drink out:I am currently drinking and just found a funny post. (Spitting out of the said drink rarely occurs though)

YOU ARE FLAWLESS: The response of a fangirl when they see a really good picture of the person/people their blog is dedicated to.

!!!!!!11111!!!: When someone get so excited about a post that they don’t notice that they have let go of the Shift button half way through a word.

My creys: My tears. Means the person is crying.

I need a bucket for my creys: I am crying so much it could fill a bucket.

Ship: Two people who a fan thinks should be together.

I ship it: Usually said under a picture of two people whom a fan thinks should be together.

OTP: Means One True Pairing. When a fan thinks that the two people should be together forever. The fan will most likely have a severe emotional attachment to the pairing. 

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